LCUK has partnered with OneEmpower™ to bring one of the most sophisticated consumer loyalty capabilities to Europe.

Where appropriate, LCUK will use the OneLoyalty™ platform to deliver a comprehensive on-line real-time loyalty service to its clients in Europe. Using the sophistication of the OneEmpower™ solution, LCUK will provide a fully outsourced service to accommodate all the requirements of traditional point of sale card based loyalty schemes with provision for  the more complex demands of a multi-channel service that supports an engaging mobile phone and tablet experience as well as the traditional ‘brick and click’ purchases.

In addition, LCUK will continue to work with clients who prefer to acquire a more traditional in-house software/hardware set up, assisting them in selecting the best technology available from the market. Using our impartial and independent advice and guidance, we have worked with many clients to select a technology solution, which meets their loyalty needs. As a consequence, we have working relationships with many of the leading providers of loyalty solutions around the globe.

LCUK Independence

LCUK is proudly independent allowing us to make recommendations free from any influence or bias. In assisting our clients with impartial advice and guidance, we are influenced purely by the business requirements that are most likely to deliver a positive commercial outcome for our clients.

In this respect, we are committed to impartiality. For this reason, any proposal to include LCUK operational services will always be evaluated alongside any other appropriate service or solution from the market, ensuring that clients can confidently rely on the objectivity, neutrality and open-mindedness of our recommendations.

An Introduction to OneEmpower™


OneEmpower™ is a leading provider of loyalty management solutions, which helps businesses, understand who their customers are and how they behave in order that they can motivate, promote to and reward. Formulation of the most effective marketing strategy to target the customers for acquisition, retention, promotion and reward to reduce ‘wastage’ and maximise incremental revenue streams is at the heart of the OneEmpower™ solution offer.

OneEmpower™ has been a pioneer and advocate of a holistic approach to enterprise-wide loyalty marketing, extending loyalty marketing beyond the act of payment transactions at the point-of-sale to encompass all transactions and activities performed by consumers. This approach extends across all channels, departments within a business and to business partners, where applicable.

Designed to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes and across many industry sectors, OneEmpower™ provides its solutions to businesses with the choice of software licensing, application hosting service or software-as-a-service. Servicing clients from industries as diverse as banking, hospitality, retail, sport, telecommunication and transport, with tens of millions of consumers between them, OneEmpower™ is the leading loyalty company in its chosen markets.

Headquartered in Singapore, OneEmpower™ has a team of over 60 software and services personnel supporting customers across Asia and beyond.

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