OneAnalytics™ provides the tools required to manage and analyse the data collected by the use of OneLoyalty™ and OneMarketing™ primarily.

This interactive query tool delivers an environment for viewing and organising data in ways that improve understanding and grow ‘customer insight’ – informing on ways to improve customer engagement and hence support ever more profitable deployment of offers, promotions and reward mechanisms.

OneAnalytics™ delivers the intelligence with which to organise and improve all marketing activities associated with the consumers for which data is being collected, analysed and stored. This tool allows the user to perform simple and complex ‘what if’ scenarios, in order to better plan and execute marketing treatments, whether they be simple consumer communications or more complex promotional campaigns.

OneAnalytics™ supports the creation and maintenance of:

  • Customer profiles/attributes
  • Customer performance
  • Campaign performance
  • Scheme performance
  • Marketing KPI’s
  • Data Segmentations

Data can be extracted from multiple sources, using defined data cubes to generate OneAnalytics™ tables which are used for report production.  This extraction can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.

Interactive Customer Analysis

One of the many big challenges in managing customer relationships is the task of maintaining a Single Customer View, (SCV), across an organisation that may well be diverse, complex and disparate. Apart from the usual technology legacy issues facing most big organisations, enabling the SCV to be available in the most appropriate manner is an even bigger issue.

OneAnalytics™ provides organisations with a pragmatic tool that is integrated with the core components of the OneEmpower™ suite of solutions, thus enabling users to take advantage of the customer data in ways that are natural and valuable to the consumer. OneAnalytics™ provides the brains behind the loyalty and the communications engines, ensuring that customers receive relevant, timely and valuable communications, offers and rewards.

Customer Profiling

OneAnalytics™ supports the user to grow the profile of customers in order to deliver more meaningful data points with which to segment the customers.

With more than 250 possible attributes per customer, OneAnalytics™ provides a flexible but powerful environment for the ad hoc and automatic generation of customer attributes. Data can be supplied by the OneEmpower™ solution modules such as OneLoyalty™ and OneMobile™ or from external data sources such as a legacy customer data warehouse, allowing for a very independent marketing capability. Needless to say, the data maintained by OneAnalytics™ can also be exported for storage in customer systems.

Segment Management and Reporting

OneAnalytics™ provides for the generation and maintenance of multiple customer segmentations that can be updated automatically. Storage of historical segmentation scores is accomplished through the population of attributes, whilst active segmentations are maintained against an agreed schedule or in near real-time. The powerful combination of data analysis/manipulation together with real-time loyalty and communications treatment delivers unrivalled capabilities for any consumer facing organisation.

OneAnalytics™ is also the tool to generate the reports required by the business. Reports can be delivered in many formats, both graphical and numerical, absolute and comparative, all of which can be determined by the user.

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