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OneLoyalty™ is a fully featured loyalty platform that manages reward and redemption rules using a sophisticated suite of loyalty modules.

OneLoyalty™ is the loyalty processing engine that powers the loyalty marketing programmes of some of the largest and leading companies in various commercial sectors including banking, retail, B2B and telecommunications.

This advanced solution provides a powerful loyalty processing capability designed to meet the needs of simple membership schemes or the highly complex implementation of coalition loyalty programmes across consumer purchasing channels and through multiple mediums.

Customer Loyalty Solution

Powered by OneLoyalty™, LCUK will deliver a service that can address the traditional as well as the latest techniques in loyalty treatment. The service will provide for:

  • Real-time earning and redemption of loyalty benefits across multiple channels
  • A feature rich set of configurable campaigns and promotions that can be applied automatically through all purchase channels and targeted to generic or specific customer profiles
  • A comprehensive set of reward options covering simple cash and discounts through to the more complex points based propositions
  • Support for the full range of loyalty tokens to include the traditional card based schemes and the more demanding cross channel multi token schemes
  • The service will support the full range of customer channels to include, retail point of sale, internet, mobile phone, social media, call centre, kiosk, ATM, direct mail, email, SMS, IVR, and application to application integration through standard set of API’s
  •  A comprehensive reporting suite that provides for all operational reporting as well as the more demanding aspects of customer insight and analysis and customer servicing (statements)
  • A fully interactive customer self service module to service all the needs of loyalty scheme members, to include on-line statements, access to transaction history and on-line redemption
  • A scheme management module allowing users to administer the business rules controlling reward and redeem transactions and promotional campaigns as well as scheme member management
  • Integration with the entire OneEmpower suite of loyalty solutions:
    • OneMarketing™ – providing all the customer communications treatments required to support a fully functioning loyalty service
    • OneAnalytics™ – providing all the operational data segmentation and analytical requirements that support real-time promotions and scheme development
    • OneCatalogue™ – providing an online redemption shop for customers to redeem through a self-serve portal
    • OneMobile – providing a complete mobile phone application, extending the loyalty experience, anytime, anyplace, anywhere
    • OnePurse™ – providing stored value solutions, such as prepaid cards, gift cards or e-wallet, to extend the loyalty experience


Cross-Channel Customer Relationship Management

The LCUK loyalty service powered by OneLoyalty™ will provide comprehensive support for the management of a multi-channel customer relationship. Such support is a basic requirement today, reflecting the fact that customers are demanding service across multiple channels and expecting to be recognised and rewarded consistently and in a timely fashion.

Customer recognition across channels has become a point of service differentiation that customers have come to demand and expect when dealing with the brands they cherish. This challenge is difficult to satisfy due to the complexities of data privacy and natural customer anonymity. Loyalty initiatives are but one way that some organisations have implemented in order to join up the dots and track customer behaviours.

Careful integration with social media can bring about significant results for those organisations willing to patiently learn about the use of this very public/private relationship medium. The OneLoyalty™ platform can feed and take data feed from the most popular social media, delivering a powerful customer experience that we are all anxious to harness.

The OneLoyalty™ solution provides many opportunities to recognise and reward unique customers or groups of customers, e.g. households, across all participating communications and purchasing channels with rewarding strategies that demonstrate real customer understanding, which translates to excellent service through the eyes of the customer. The LCUK loyalty service will allow beneficiaries of a loyalty scheme to be rewarded for multichannel purchasing activity that reflects the habits of today’s ‘connected and mobile’ customers.

Payment Integration

The most important action that a customer performs to demonstrate loyalty to the seller of goods and services is payment. Payment for goods and or services recognises settlement of a transaction and the exchange of value between seller and buyer. For this reason, payment is the most important activity to track customer loyalty.

Whilst there are exceptions to every rule, in general, when we continue to give regular custom to a seller of goods and services, it invariably means that we are loyal on one level or another. The relationship between payment and loyalty is therefore clear.

The LCUK loyalty service offers full integration with many methods of payment including all Bank card transactions, e-payments, direct debits and standing orders. The OneLoyalty™ solution will integrate at the point of payment with the opportunity to cohabit payment terminals and retail point of sale equipment. A set of standard API’s and file formats provide for the full flexibility to cater for all payment types supporting the entire range of payment scenarios in use today.

Payment integration extends to stored value cards that are fully supported and provided for through the LCUK loyalty service.

Targeted Promotions

One of the most important drivers for the implementation of loyalty schemes is the desire to collect and use customer data intelligently to deliver incremental revenue.

The LCUK loyalty service provides a comprehensive customer analysis and targeting capability across all communication and promotional channels allowing organisations to market to ever smaller groups of customers with similar profiles. This powerful capability is made most effective by the automation of promotions at the point of purchase and through relevant, targeted messaging through multiple communications channels. Such treatment is usually cost prohibitive and extremely difficult to achieve in a timely manner.

The analysis and organisation of customer data is at the heart of the LCUK service. We support a complex data environment allowing for real-time application of data insights at the point of purchase. OneLoyalty™ provides all the tools necessary to exploit the insights we develop for our customers.

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