onemarketing-logoOneMarketing™ is the targeted marketing module provided by OneEmpower™ for the execution of all consumer communications required to support a loyalty scheme or a promotion/campaign.

With seamless integration between OneLoyalty™ and OneMarketing™, the solution provides for the proactive engagement of consumers. OneMarketing™ delivers proactive data driven marketing capabilities that significantly improve the engagement of customers through a loyalty scheme or promotional campaign. For the most sophisticated requirements that are becoming the ‘norm’ in some businesses, OneMarketing™ provides for cross-channel promotional offer management, allowing a marketing manager to operate cross-channel promotions both within the business and with partner organisations.

Proactive Data Driven Marketing

Through the tight integration with OneLoyalty™, OneMarketing™ provides for any communication to be tied to incentives and reward programs, providing an efficient and effective means of ‘one  2 one’ marketing based on the customer data (profile) that is available. As such, using classic loyalty techniques to learn about customers, OneMarketing™ is the tool that exploits the customer knowledge enabling the user to send relevant and motivational communications to the right customers, through the right channel, at the right time and with the right content.

Targeted marketing campaigns can be carried out through a number of channels:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Physical Mail
  • Social Media messaging
  • Call Centre

Communication delivery can be restricted to selected customers, allowing for segmented and personalised content.

The recipient list can be from 2 types of sources:

  • System generated from the scheme membership database, using criteria configured by users.  Criteria can be based on any data element held by the scheme, including customer profile, customer preferences and customer transactional data, to include its analysis.
  • A fixed list generated from an external source, allowing for partnership marketing and customer data enhancement.

All customer messages are prepared as templates within OneMarketing™, providing placeholders for message personalisation at the time of preparation, to be populated with the most recent data at the time of posting, e.g. a rewards balance.

OneMarketing™ relies on access to ‘messaging gateways’ i.e. SMS Gateway and or SMTP server.

The sophistication of OneMarketing™ allows for the set-up and execution of both regular and ad-hoc communications. Regular communications can be automated meaning minimal operational resourcing.

Cross-Channel Promotional Offer Management

OneMarketing™ is the tool that allows the user to promote across channel, format and time, coordinating customer messages to deliver an integrated marketing campaign. The solution allows users to set up a multistage, multi message promotion/campaign across channels, recognising and managing customer preferences so as to deliver an experience that is both motivational and optimal to the customer’s circumstances.

Much of the effort involved in motivating a customer to buy something, make a repeat purchase or indeed change his/her behaviour in any way, involves communication that educates, cajoles, encourages and/or rewards. OneMarketing™ delivers the flexibility and support for a comprehensive set of communication channels and formats reflecting the complex way that consumers interact and demand service.




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