OneMobile™ is the ubiquitous mobile phone app for loyalty that delivers a loyalty experience anyplace, anywhere, anytime.

Designed as an ‘app’ that delivers a real-time experience powered by OneLoyalty™, users can expect to receive loyalty services on demand. OneMobile™ meets the needs of the burgeoning Smart Phone community which in many geographies represents the majority of all handsets. The mobile connected world has arrived and marketers ignore it at their peril. Customers have come to expect that they can get an ‘app’ from almost every organisation they care to interact with and as such loyalty marketers must respond.

The statistics for the successful deployment of mobile phone ‘apps’ make grim reading,  most commentators agree that around 25% of all downloaded ‘apps’ are used only once or never and then deleted. Predictions suggest that there will be more than 5 billion mobile ‘app’ users by 2018 with up to 250 billion downloads per annum. Such a vast market cannot be ignored; however, developers must focus on what is important to the user. Google estimate that in the US, 65% of Smart Phone users prefer the mobile web in preference to downloaded ‘apps’. The conclusion to all this is simple – the user must perceive a value in using the ‘app’ if it is to be successful.

OneMobile™ focusses on the delivery and access to relevant content, providing a window for users that cut through the irrelevant content making the user experience personal. OneMobile™ delivers all the loyalty account information the user would expect together with relevant offers and promotions that reflect an understanding of the customer’s needs, likes and dislikes derived from transactional history and from survey results.

OneMobile™ delivers all the following capabilities to iOS and Android devices:

  • Secure account login
  • Summary and full transactional history
  • Rewards status and balances where appropriate
  • Redemption offers – all and all available relative to the users status
  • Personalised offers, vouchers and promotions
  • Location based marketing messages
  • Geo-locational service to find physical participating outlets
  • Integration with online stores for purchases
  • Integration with Social Media and other messaging services
  • Loyalty account maintenance
  • Integration with other modules such as OneCatalogue™ and OnePurse™ (seamless for the user)
  • Games and competitions
  • Integrated scanning, QR codes and Bar codes

OneMobile™ is the one mobile ‘app’ that delivers all the loyalty services that you would expect to get from the internet and more, all on the mobile phone.

Loyalty ‘on the go’

A growing number of retailers / restaurants / entertainment venues have found that their mobile apps are instrumental in converting customers to purchase from their store, either online or in-store. A mobile app has the advantage of marketing to a tangible person, not just an online profile. If done correctly, a loyalty app can generate deeper customer engagement than the more simplistic approaches to loyalty – why, because it’s ubiquitous.

Geo-locators add a new dimension to the overall experience, taking into consideration where the loyalty member is in relation to where rewards can be earned or redeemed, or where personalised offers/promotions exist. Used sensitively, OneMobile™ can deliver an experience which for some customers can be viewed as ‘the shopper friend’ an app that will help the user to shop smarter gaining the best deals whilst maximising the opportunity to earn rewards.

OneMobile™ can be used to offer priority customers all the best deals ahead of the crowd. Offering a ‘private sale’ to the customers valued the most or those with the best potential or those that you wish to treat in order to tempt them back. Similar to the email newsletters but far more engaging, this ‘on the go’ tool can befriend the user and drive significant behavioural change.

OneMobile™ has the ability to create a shopping  wish list in the app that can be used in-store to maximise rewards collection, for the engaged customers, this creates excitement and a desire in the customer to fulfil. The use of alerts can be programmed to remind people when something in their wish list goes on special offer.

For merchants with larger stores OneMobile™ can help the user navigate the store based on their preferences and identity. For example showing customers where to find certain items. You can also use their preferences collected by past purchases in order to target the things they enjoy most, this feature could also exist for shopping complexes and department stores.

The App as a Marketing Tool

When apps first started flooding the market, the idea was that the user purchased the app, which generated revenue for the app developer / company who released it. This would offset the cost of developing, marketing and maintaining the app. This is still true for some apps, like games which are designed to entertain the user for free. However with the release of more and more apps on the market, competition is high and users don’t want to pay for apps, particularly if they’re commercially branded apps for retail / service companies. And so came the rise of the marketing app.

OneMobile™ delivers a return on the investment in deploying it through customer conversions, customer loyalty and brand identity, like any good advertising campaign. A good marketing app needs to have a purpose like an TV ad or billboard, to convert users or increase sales.

OneMobile™ will not differ from other apps in its ability to keep the user engaged. New apps are often enthusiastically downloaded following a marketing campaign, after a short period of time; most users will get bored unless you are offering them new features and reasons to stay committed. The deployment of OneMobile™ must be planned carefully and a customer journey defined through the first year of use by the end user. With the very many features and functions available, OneMobile™ can offer a rich and engaging experience that is more likely to get users ‘hooked’ into habitual use. Enhancements, improvements and internal campaigns can be planned and executed in line with the overall scheme marketing plan. For example, for a retail client, offering specials, e-vouchers, invitations to product / line launches all keep the user coming back and feeling special, these are most effective when you are able to target the content based on an understanding of past user transactional history, making the content as relevant as possible.

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