LCUK has enjoyed a very successful relationship with the Financial Services industry working with clients from all around the world as can be seen from a selection of our customers below.

It has worked with many Banks, advising them and helping them to implement the most comprehensive approaches to loyalty. This has extended to the participation of the merchants where the payment instruments are used. The natural relationship between the seller of goods and services, the Bank and the consumer has been exploited for the benefit of all parties.

The application of loyalty programmes in Banks and Financial Institutions is a natural extension of a commercial transaction between a buyer and a seller, it seals the deal and recognises a trade that has seen an exchange of value, something to be recognised. ‘The Payment’ is the significant act that a seller may want to reward, or in the case of a Bank, the use of its payment instruments. This puts Financial Institutions at the heart of all consumer commerce and easily able to qualify and quantify customer value in terms of where they buy, who they buy from and in many circumstances what they buy.

Banks, like most commercial institutions, are under severe competitive pressures with a need to attract, retain and grow their customer relationships. In many countries, loyalty schemes have been adopted by Banks over the years with varying degrees of success. From simple cash-back schemes to more complex points based programmes, Banks have implemented many of the latest loyalty techniques and technologies.

LCUK started its business in the Financial Services industry, initially working with the payments businesses within the Bank. Today, LCUK works with clients across the entire consumer banking business, helping Banks to reward the entire banking relationship with its retail customers.







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