Consumers today expect a complete loyalty experience across all channels.

Our services, solutions and approach promote agile decision making by delivering the complete loyalty experience with a seamless and differentiating solution for omni-channel management, merchandising, fulfilment, supply chain, and more. This enables retailers to gain insight, operate with unrivalled responsiveness, exceed consumer expectations, and build enduring loyalty – in other words, to become a ‘Retailer of Choice’.####

Shopping today is about multichannel; about allowing the consumer to browse, trial and purchase across multiple locations – the traditional shop, the online store, the mobile phone. The advent of ‘click and collect’ customers who check pricing with mobiles while in-store and the customers who do their research online before they go to the store have all become common practice in many markets around the world. Retailing is tough; right brand, right location, right price, right product, right service – customers are becoming more discerning than ever before.

Loyalty has always been, in part, about differentiation; making the retailer different from the competition by rewarding certain behaviours. However, today it’s hard to claim that a loyalty programme provides any differentiation as in many markets it is part of the package – if you do not have one you are in the minority.

LCUK has worked with a number of retailers directly and many more indirectly through its involvement in coalition loyalty schemes around the world, a selection of which can be seen below.

Loyalty does not always have to be a ‘points make prizes’ approach to customer attraction and retention. Today’s customer is far more sophisticated, they are deal hungry, open to suggestion and all together far more informed than ever before. This is why the traditional approach to loyalty is less likely to work today. Not only does any loyalty strategy need to span the entire customer experience from on-line to in-store – that’s a given – it must be engaging in a way where the retailer must demonstrate that they really understand the customer needs and will only bother them with the most relevant communications and promotions. It’s more about building the virtual relationship, enhancing the brand and making the customer feel special and less about the ‘points’.






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