The Loyalty Revolution

Mar 29, 2018

At the 2018 Loyalty Academy Conference held this month in Boca Raton, Florida, titled ‘the Loyalty Revolution’, an intense audience of loyalty professionals gathered to share some views, experiences and case studies.

LCUK attended for the first time, admittedly a very USA centric event, surely there would be much to learn and appreciate?

Much was made of a new concept – ‘loyalty infused customer experience’, and I thought long and hard about this new terminology…. Wait a minute, nothing that new, in Europe we have been working hard on this for some years now. Whether it’s the John Lewis ‘Kitchen Drawer’ or the Tesco Pay+ App or even the BA Mobile App that integrates the whole experience from booking to boarding with ‘loyalty infused’.
It’s a fact that the UK market is mature and innovative when it comes to loyalty programmes.
Like quality, loyalty is a journey not a destination. When you have worked hard to launch the perfect programme, then the real work begins – keeping the members engaged!

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