‘Like Herding Cats’

Mar 21, 2017

Why is it the case that there are so few appealing loyalty schemes available across an entire High Street? Many retailers on the High Street believe in the concept but they fail to club together to deliver a powerful loyalty experience that could be a game changer.

Having been asked this question recently by a reporter working for the Guardian, I quipped, ‘It’s like herding Cats’. Not wishing to be rude, there is nothing wrong with cats, but High Street retailers are so obsessed with their own world, they fail to look outside at what could be very appealing for their customers. Driving footfall on the High Street is a critical issue in most towns and cities. Consumers need more reasons to consider the High Street ahead of the out of town generic shopping centre experience. Whilst a coalition loyalty scheme is a more complex approach, the benefits to consumers are much greater than the stand-alone schemes that fail to attract much interest.


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